Wednesday, April 11, 2007

When it comes to TVs, Bigger is Always Better

For all of you out there looking to get a TV, you probably should use or They do a good job reviewing most everything out there so at least you'll be making a more informed choice on big decisions. What one of these sites should really do is keep reviewing products, but similar to, code in AJAX so you don't actually have to go from page to page. I also think the sliders that Kayak offers are fantastic.

I ended up getting a JVC HD 52 Inch Rear- Projector. Now for all of you anti-rear projectoristas out there claiming the LCD or the Plasma is the only way to go, you are very wrong. If I want to spend more then I spend to get a great image on a small screen, I would buy an iPod Nano or an LCD/Plasma. I like that there is some good reviews on it too; "Relatively inexpensive; excellent black-level performance; still the best picture quality in a proper environment with proper setup."

LCDs and Plasmas a great, but not great enough for me to be willing to pay the prices for them. LCDs are "
Relatively expensive; home-theater image quality generally not as good as on plasma models; relatively narrow viewing angle." Plasmas are also "Relatively expensive; slight potential for burn-in; generally lower native resolution than similarly sized LCDs."

Look to Leverage Long big TVs and never buy a small TV*. If unfortunate enough to find yourself in the possession of a small TV, it still may be used as a paperweight, mirror or chair.

*Small TVs are considered smaller than 50 Inches.

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Jennifer said...

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