Monday, April 9, 2007

"Amazon" - not "Amazing to Swim"

What some people will do to set a world record... A 52-year old Slovenian named Martin Strel has set and broken his long-distance swimming world record again. Although a 9 week, 3,272 mile swim is quite an accomplishment, was it worth it?

When I was younger and climbed trees around my Grandmother's neighborhood, I enjoyed it because it was difficult, dangerous, and wouldn't take too long. More recently, I had planned on attempting the Seven Summits. It would have taken 6 months, tons of energy, was difficult and dangerous. Now in the case for Martin Strel, he swam DOWN the river. Even though that is a long river, which is basically the same as taking a moving walkway across the United State or an escalator up Everest.

Because of this, Martin Strel and all other Guinness Book of World Record Holders (unless individually mentioned) will NOT be Leveraged Long.

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