Monday, April 16, 2007

fotowoosh - bringing pictures to me motion sickness

These two seemingly boring 2-D pictures of a train and a building can be transformed into moving 3-D pictures of the same objects. This program will turn any image (preferably an outdoor image) into a 3D model. Freewebs just raised $11 million in August 2006 and draws around 18 million visitors per month.

Microsoft is working on something related to this in their Live Labs group called Photosynth. The product will construct a 3D model based on lots of photos of the same thing or general area from different angles. Unfortunately for Microsoft, Freewebs fotowoosh is able to deliver with just one picture. Look for Freewebs to be gobbled up in the near future by a video sharing/mashup site, a social network, or GOOG/MSFT/YHOO. Definitely look to Leverage Long.

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