Monday, April 9, 2007

20ltd Upgraded to Leverage Long

20ltd is a terribly slick eCommerce site that takes a page out of Woot sells one item per day and closes shop when all items it has in stock are sold. 20ltd goes way, way up market and only sells products where you can be sure that almost nobody else has what you have.

"On 20ltd, you can buy a 40,000 British pound limited edition Hellcat Combat motorcycle produced exclusively by Confederate, or a Longchamp crocodile skin handbag for 10,000 pounds or a silver Alessi tea and coffee set for 20,000 pounds.

Apparently, one London Hedge fund manager has bought every item on 20ltd since in launched last week."

This is comparable to the idea of a Black Card,
Bugatti Veyron or a Black Bugatti Veyron paid for with your Black Amex Card. Look for 20ltd to be Leveraged Long by me because of there ability to stick with quality rather than volume*.

*- unfortunately this doens't work in every case: home run records, rap music, drinking contests, and the relationships with the Men on the Water Polo team.

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