Thursday, April 19, 2007

Un-American : Howard Stern and Sanjaya

It is no surprise that Howard Stern fully supports Sanjaya. They are brothers. Just look at their long brown hair. Look at their top teeth only smile. Look at their big protruding noses and tell me they aren't related. They have both gotten famous by doing something poorly: Sanjaya with singing and Stern as a radio host.

As much as I dislike American Idol, it is an opportunity and pissing contest for Americans to assert that they are winners. With people like Howard Stern and his following Voting for the Worst, outsiders are able to see the American Dream be undermined by no talent clowns.

The problem with this is that it still creates the stir and buzz that these shows need. Slander or praise is still free advertising. People are actually texting in to vote more now because there is now more competition to keep the best or sabotage to vote for the worst. Look to Leverage Long the American Dream and never think about Howard Stern or Sanjaya again.


ShelbSpeaks said...

Howard Stern, the self-proclaimed “king of all media,” is a talk-radio superstar whose audience once rivaled Limbaugh’s. In 2006, he became the biggest player in direct satellite radio, and, through a $500 plus million deal, the highest paid talk host in the world. He has been called the “the most innovative and high-profile talk host in the business” by Talkers Magazine. NewsMax Top 25 Radio Hosts rates Howard Stern as America’s 13th most influential in America.

Dylan said...

that clown looked pretty talented to me.

ps howard stern blows. stupid.