Monday, November 12, 2007


In economics - when there is an excess profit in a market - companies will enter the market until the supply increases to a point, which lowers the price of the product and eats away at the profit. This idea holds true in all(most I can think of) marketplaces; recently - lemonade stands, airlines, restaurants, and recently technology startups.

"Can You Clone Tangler For $1,500?" is the headline of a Techcrunch article today.

"Someone in Turkey is willing to pay up to $1,500 to anyone who can “clone Tangler.” But don’t go too far - the listing also states “do not steal images and do not violate copyrights. The clone should have the same functions, but the design should look different.”

A company that offers this is It is hard to imagine getting the best quality in just two weeks for <$1,500 to try to mimic some of the top web 2.0 technology site out there.

We'll see how this goes...

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