Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Financially Blogging again!

With markets as volatile as they have been recently, I felt it was about time for me to start blogging again. Just recently I have come across a couple of very solid tools for different investment strategies. Unfortunately, sometimes, the more information we have, the higher chance that we get confused and miss glaring opportunities.

A few recent financially-oriented companies have been popping up and have been very impressive.

Market Simplified is just that. Market Simplified is a financial vertical search tool which attempts to provide concise semantic answers to financial queries. You can ask it any question you want about the market, equities, and investment strategies - and it should have an answer in 10 seconds flat.

Not to be outdone, FirstRain has come out with a very similar product - yet more people involved. They actually take these questions and queries and have them answered in a research shop overnight in India. Has a really solid management team and should look to be a more serious player in for the institutional investors doing research.

GStock is a pretty interesting stock search engine that gives BUY and SELL ratings based upon simple trend analysis, which allows them to beat right on 2 out of 3 trades. Unfortunately, the average gain above market over the past 3 years was only 2%. It will be interesting to see how this company does.

Options-Research is another one of those "newsletter" beat the market trading sites. September '07 Results that only plays the options on a couple major ETFs, DIA and QQQQ, and some major public technology companies, AAPL, EBAY... It will be tough for them to keep their 2006 monthly avg of 73% returns.

Optionetics is a great company and they must have a contract with Yahoo Finance. Their Option Screening Tool is very helpful in finding the best priced option for a security you might be interested in playing based upon risk/reward profiles and odd probability that the option might take off

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